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tv   Newsline  NHK World  July 9, 2014 10:00am-10:31am JST

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glad to have you with us on this edition of "newsline." i'm raja pradhan with the news from tokyo. authorities in north korea have provoked their neighbors. they say they launched several ballistic missiles into the sea of japan. there are no reports of damage. the officials say the north koreans launched the missiles at 4:00 p.m. local time and a
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second one went up 20 minutes later. they believe both were scuds. the japanese have launched a protest. authorities have staged a series of missile and rocket launches. authorities are analyzing the latest one and watching for further developments. residents in southern japan are watching water roar down their streets. tie noon neoguri has triggered downpours. emergency officials lifted a warning for heavy rain but issued it again. >> okinawa is experiencing heavy rains like they have never seen before. >> weather officials say it's possible a major disaster could happen in okinawa. they advised more than 200,000
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residents on the main island to get to safe places. they are telling people to move to shelters or higher areas. many houses and roads have been swamped with water and they say more than 70,000 households are without electricity. weather officials are warning people on the main southern island of kyushu to brace for heavy rain and flooding. they are already seeing affects of the storm. 9,000 households have lost power. let's get the latest from mai shoji at the weather desk. >> typhoon neoguri has become the strongest typhoon to hit okinawa in the month of july. is it maintaining its status as a typhoon. you can see the eye wall disapagt. but you can also see it will be affecting the southwestern islands of japan continue slis
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sli with now heavy rain. the emergency warnings for high winds have been lifted but the emergency warnings for heavy rain is now in place and residents should take immediate action to protect their lives. and there could be serious cast if i. outer bands are huge and will be engulfing much of the islands. is it tracking toward kyushu and possibly make landfall on thursday making its way parallel to the country. the gusts are strong at 180 kilometers per hour but it's more the huge amounts of water and torrents of rachl we are concerned with. the anti-clockwise is bringing a surge of humid moisture and carrying it to the rainy season bands that is lingering in northern japan. the amounts could be huge. the indirect effects will be about up to 150 millimeters of
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rainfall all the way into to hoku and into friday morning. 600 millimeters in shikoku could be possible. we'll have more on the typhoon and the weather across the globe later in the show. iraqi lawmakers have seen militants push closer and closer to baghdad and threaten to break up the country. they haven't been able to get past their differences and had put off meeting again until next month. members of parliament have changed their minds and they will convene again on sunday. the acting speaker announced the decision. he said any delay could jeopardize iraq's security and democracy. voters elected members of parliament in april. they convened last week to form a government of national unity. but they haven't been able to agree on a prime minister or
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a speaker. they argued even as sunni militants seized a large chunk of the country. the militants have declared the establishment of an islamic state straddling iraq and syria. still prime minister nuri al-maliki is refusing to step aside. he is a shia. they claim he favors members of his sect. afghans are seeing a new twist in their experiment with democracy. preliminary results put former foreign minister, abdullah abdullah in second place but still he is claiming victory. abdullah said that the election was marred by fraud. official says he is trailing ashraf ghani by more than 10 points. >> translator: the fraudulent result was announced yesterday.
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we condemn it and we do not accept the result. >> abdullah threatened to declare his own government but he urged supporters to give him time to decide what to do. he doesn't want a crisis or civil war. abdullah won the most votes in the first round in april. he is accusing officials and the electoral commission of major vote rigging during the runoff. the commission has acknowledged that senior government officials were involved in fraud. later this month the electoral commission is expected to announce the final results. south korean auditors are pointing fingers at sea. a government report cites negligence and corruption. more than 300 passengers were killed. most of them students. the board of audit and inspections released a report on the role of government agencies in the disaster.
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it says officials with the oceans and fisheries ministry are partially to blame. they gave permission for cabins to be added to the ferry. the documents were forged. investigators say the increase in size is one of the reasons the ship tipped over. the report points to the coast guard. it says officers overlooked regulations after being offered leisure trips and meals by the ferry owner. and it says the coast guard's rescue effort was slow. they may ask prosecutors to us as some people to their criminal investigation. indian transportation planners say a dream held by many people is a step closer to reality. ai uchida join us us from the business desk with that story and others. >> indian leaders have been talking for years about building a high-speed train system and the railway minister has unveiled plans to start building
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it. the first will travel between immune buy and another city. japanese and french executives are vying to provide the technology to run the trains. the route would stretch over 500 kilometers. japanese and indian officials are already at work on a feasibility study. the japanese want the indians to build the route using shinkansen train technology. the french are also vying for the technology. and chinese officials have shown an interest taking part in the project. japan's prime minister is work to strengthen ties with a strategic ally, australia. abe addressed members of parliament. the two leaders signed an
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economic partnership agreement. it will lower prices for beef in japan and allow australians to buy japanese car more cheaply. abe's mission extends to natural resources and energy. the japanese rely on australian natural gas and coal for power generation and 60% of their iron ore comes from australia. abe will visit an iron ore mine later in the day. let's see how markets are doing this morning in tokyo. investigators are selling riskier investments such as stocks. the nikkei opened lower following the losses on wall street. people are waiting on clues on the state of the u.s. economy. the quarterly earnings season will get into full swing next week. now the dollar, that fell early this morning to a one-week low against the yen.
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analysts say falling u.s. government bond yields are keeping the dollar under selling pressure. and looking at other markets. south korea's kospi is down .5%. and in australia the benchmark index is down .9% this morning. i will be back next hour with more of your business headlines. for now i leave you with other market figures.
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brazil took on germany in the semifinal. the germans took full advantage. thomas muller put the germans ahead in the 11th minute and it was the start of a humiliating rout. they doubled the lead in the 23rd minute and became the world cup's top scorer with 16 goals. then the brazilians fell apart. tony kroos scored twice and germany was 5 how mu-0 up with minutes on the clock. brazil got a consolation in the dying minutes but the game ended
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7-1 and the hosts crashed out of the cup with their biggest defeat ever in a world cup. [ speaking foreign language ]. thousands of german fans gathered to celebrate in front of berlin's brandenburg gate. the germans are in the final for the first time in 12 years. they haven't won the cup since 1990. brazil fans were left stunned by the scale of the defeat. the team can salvage some pride on saturday in the third-place playoff. argentina and the netherlands
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will play on wednesday for the chance to take on germany in the final. james rodriguez is the tournament's top scorer with 6 goals. and that's all for tuesday's action from brazil. millions of wiindonesians a headed to the poll to choose the next president. joko widodo is the governor of jakarta. prabowo subianto is a former military general who served under the late ruler. thousands of soldiers and police officers have fanned out across the country. they will guard polling stations during the voting. analysts expect the race to be close and some have warned of potential unrest. the candidates are a study in contrast. joko was the front runner in the
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campaign. but prabowo have narrowed the gap. >> reporter: joko widodo is 50 years old. he has been traveling to remote areas around the country, a time for visit to chat with voters. [ speaking foreign language ]. joko comes from a poor family. and he's winning the support of the poor by promising to foster economic growth and social security. after being elected governor of the capital, he issued a card that gives residents with low incomes access to medical treatment. now he's promising to make the system nationwide. >> translator: i have this card issued in jakarta.
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so that poor people can also receive medical treatment. i want to make it available to everyone. >> reporter: this woman is a joko supporter. she lives with her husband and son in a shack. her husband earns about $5 a day selling food on the street. she hopes if joko can become president her family can escape poverty. >> translator: joko is advocate good policies. he will make our lives better. >> reporter: on this day, joko visited the area where she lives. she attended his campaign rally. >> translator: i'm happy to see him coming here.
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i'll be sure to vote for joko. >> reporter: prabowo subianto is the only other candidate. the 62-year-old former general bills himself as a decisive, strong leader his support comes mainly from affluent classes. >> translator: if i become president, i can foster the economy. and make this country stronger. >> translator: prabowo is a wonderful man. he's well suited to governor indonesia. >> translator: he'll bring honor back to this country. >> reporter: prabowo uses the image of the former president as a tool in his campaign.
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even those he was removed from power by a democratic movement, he is still called the "father of development" in the country. he did much to boost indonesian economy by aggressively attracting capital. prabowo is trying to win the votes of people who look back on the strong leader with nostalgia. >> translator: if prabowo is elected the economy will grow and we can have a rich life just like in his era. >> reporter: voters will choose between joko, and prabowo. nearly 190 million wiindonesian will go to the polls on wednesday to decide their country's future. a court in indonesia has found a boat captain guilty of
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professional negligence in the connection with the deaths to two japanese divers. in february the man drove seven japanese women to waters off the island of bali. all of them went missing. five were rescued and two were found dead. prosecutors demanded a longer prison tern of three and a half years. the skipper left the scene to refuel the boat and had no intention of leaving the women behind. the court said the captain had a responsibility to prepare reserve fuel in case of bad weather and it damaged bali's rep take as a tourist reputation. people around the world have been learning the japanese tradition of origami for generations. turning squares of paper into familiar shapes.
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now an artist is introducing her creative designs to the homeland. >> reporter: tokyo is no stranger to left-field fashion. this show was really one of a kind. all the garments were made out of paper folded in patterns derived from the traditional techniques of origami. they are the creations of this woman, an artist from colombia. she has been using origami techniques in her work for over 20 years. she was first introduced to origami as a young child by her father who learned the techniques from japanese immigrants to colombia. >> translator: the first thing i folded was a crane. i fell in love with it because it allowed me to express myself.
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>> reporter: gamboa was captivated by the endless possibilities of paper. to make this even more immediate, she came up with the idea of an origami fashion show. gamboa began creating a fantasy world of clothing made from origami. she's nope as a origami specialist. she has shown her works in europe. during a visit to japan, she held a workshop for origami enthusiasts. she told them she likes to focus deep inside herself before she starts to fold. to express this idea, she asks the participants to cover their eyes before they begin. if everyone had followed her instructions correctly, they would all have ended up with the same shape. but in fact the results were very different. >> translator: paper teaches us that we are all special.
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by expressing our inner selves we give richness to our lives. don't forget that. >> reporter: some of the participants present gamboa with an original origami work they've made. >> wow. >> reporter: a week after arriving in japan, the work of creating the garments for gamboa's show is in full swing. the designs are not planned in advance. they are spontaneous works which only come to life when they are worn by the model. >> translator: it's no good. let's get rid of it. i want to show her face.
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>> reporter: the show starts. here in the homeland of origami, many people have turned out to see gamboa's creations which will only ever be worn once. the theme of the show is love. >> translator: it's an art form without words, just using pure white folded paper. i think it's very profound. >> translator: i want to tell the people of japan not to forget their tradition. i think it's very special and i hope it's taught to children here. >> reporter: gamboa likes to call origami, "paper magic." through her work she wants to spread its unique appeal around the world.
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and we've reporting about that typhoon hitting widespread areas of southern japan and bringing record rainfall. let's turn to mai for the latest. >> not only is the system directly affecting the islands of okinawa it is affecting tohoku. we have this rainy band over the region and the surge of moisture from the typhoon as well as the high pressure system is bringing rain from the pacific is creating very heavy rainfall. that could be accompanied with some tornadic activity as well. tornado warnings are in place on the islands of okinawa and the typhoon warning is now in place in other islands.
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it is affecting surrounding countries. waves are very high too. coastal flood willing be at very high risk into the next 24, 48 hours we are likely to see 200 millimeters of additional rainfall over the island and 144 kilometer per hour gusts. south korea will see high wind and wave watches in place. other areas where we are likely to see more rain is the archipelago of the philippines especially in the western seaboards. but taiwan will finally be escaping from the heavy rainfall. here are your temperatures. things are really heating up in the central locations of china. xian at 32 degrees. seoul your minimum low will be 26 degrees which is going to be the highest of this year so far. it's going to be very hard for you to be having a really nice
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sleep. across the americas we are likely to see more rattling of thunderstorms in the eastern half of the continent due to this cold front stretching into the central regions. it is creating large hail, damaging winds. this already has a history of creating more than 150 damage winds and that is likely to pound new york state as well. into your wednesday this is going to be a widespread event stretching into the central plains as well. dry thunderstorms could ignite in the pacific northwest because we are not likely to see more precipitation there. we may see some dust storm in yuma and reaching at 41 degrees. considering brazil, here is your outlook for your semifinals, where it's heating up with the world cup. i'll leave you now for your extended forecast.
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here is a recap of our top story this hour. residents of southern japan are watching water stream down their streets and pour into their homes. typhoon neoguri triggered
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downpours. officials lifted an emergency warning for heavy rain but issued it again. >> translator: okinawa is experiencing heavy rains like they have never seen before. >> the weather officials say that is it possible that a major disaster could happen in okinawa. they have advised 200,000 residents to get to safe places. they are telling people to move to shelters or higher areas. authorities say many houses and roads have been swamped with water and they say more than 70,000 households across a wide area are without electricity. officials are warning people on the southern island of kyushu to brace for heavy rain and flooding. they are already seeing affects of the tomorrow. more than 9,000 households have lost power. that's all for now on this edition of "newsline." i'm raja pradhan in tokyo.
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i'll be back with the latest at the top of the hour. thanks for joining us on nhk world.
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from the four winds and the scent of the earth come the color of the seasons. exploring the four seasons of japan. osaka, the center of western japan.


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